Thursday, July 8, 2010

Prediksi Spanyol vs Belanda - Final World Cup 2010

Prediksi Spanyol vs Belanda - Final World Cup 2010

I am a Dutchman who doesn’t like Dutch cheese, am indifferent to tulips and windmills, and against the drugs policy practiced in the Netherlands. Honestly, if I had a choice I would live abroad. But my liking of the national Dutch soccer (football) team is one of childhood passions.

It might be a Dutch thing not to like the Dutch, unlike some other nationalities the Dutch are extremely suspicious of anything that reeks like nationalism. It's not just that. Abroad, Dutch people hide from each other and speak about their countrymen with contempt. Yet, the Dutch are one happy and proud people when it comes to Dutch soccer—even more so when we win.

And winning is what the Dutch team has been doing this World Cup. It is the only team at the World Cup that has won all its games. Never mind we didn’t win in the Dutch style of attractive attacking soccer, but in a rather German businesslike manner.

Traditionally, few interviews go by without soccer players mentioning “team spirit” or “self-sacrifice.” Yet in the past, many promising generations of talented Dutch soccer players failed to

win any significant prizes despite being a superior team in terms of technique and tactics. The Dutch team made it to the World Cup final twice, in 1974 and 1978, losing to Germany and Argentina respectively, leaving behind deep scars.

The only time the Dutch team really won a big title was at the European Championship in Germany in 1988, with players like
Marco van Basten and Ruud Gullit. I remember the explosion of joy and the massive celebration as people dove into the canals, honked car horns, and the streets were covered in orange, the national Dutch color. It was the happiest collective joy I have ever experienced.

Dutch star-player Wesley Sneijder, who already scored five goals this World Cup, assured the Dutch press that this time the talk about unity and team spirit is for real. Dutch midfielder Mark van Bommel told media, without blinking his eyes, how proud he is to be a part of this team and process. We believe him.

The change of playing style might be a manifestation of the change of mentality in the Dutch people. Technical ability and tactics are not foremost, or only, ingredients for winning a title. Perhaps we are just tired of losing.

“You’ve just got to shoot, when luck is on your side, they will go in," Sneijder said describing his goal against Uruguay.

As for our objective chances to win against Spain, we just don’t know, about half of the Dutch people think we will win. I am among them. But not because we have been playing so well, or because we are the better team, or because Arjen Robben is the most dangerous winger in the world, but because we found the right spirit: Third time’s a charm! (

Bagaimana dengan Prediksi Belanda vs Spanyol, skor kemungkinan tidak jauh beda,,1-0 ajah untuk kemenangan Tim Spanyol, :)) 

Update Berita: Gurita Paul pun memprediksikan jika Spanyol akan menang saat melawan Belanda nanti, dan dipastikan menjadi Juara Piala Dunia 2010.


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